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Candle Night Light with Glitter Liquid
  • Candle Night Light with Glitter LiquidCandle Night Light with Glitter Liquid

Candle Night Light with Glitter Liquid

Dongguan City Tianhua is a professional leader China RGB light manufacturer with high quality and reasonable price .It covers about 28000 square meters. Tianhua Brand is specialized in the LED lighting item,such as LED pendant lamp,led desk lamp, LED table lamp, LED floor lamp, LED bulb, fiber optic lights, plasma lamp, Christmas tree, lava lamp, energy-saving lamp and so on. Customers are mainly in North America, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and other Europesd.Customers mainly do supermarkets, large wholesalers and other high quality requirements.The candle night light with glitter liquid is made of plastic, its excellent quality can pass CETL, FCC, GS, CE, ERP, Rohs certificates etc.


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About purchasing quantity

Question 1:Can I get one sample?

Answer: Yes , The unit price will be higher . Purchase a sample directly ,The shipping fee is automatically generated . Maybe the price will be very expensive

Question 2:Can I get 5-200 pices?

Answer:We assemble the sample order for the project, but there are too many projects that cannot be assembled because factory can not arrange the production line to generate a small quantity.You can place the minimum order quantity for the product, and we can help you ship it.

Question 3:Does the product have a certificate.

Answer:Our products are mainly sold to Europe and America.So all products can pass European or American testing.There are many new products that need to be retested and certified, and the testing fees need to be negotiated.

The transparent candle tube is filled with liquid, which is soaked in the flashing film. When the switch is turned on, the small motor at the bottom of the liquid will start, and the liquid will flow inside the candle body, matching with the sparkling light of the product. In addition, there is a candle lit appearance on the top of the product, just like a real candle


This candle night light has a relatively thick and short design


This candle night light has a relatively thick and high design


This candle night light has a relatively thick and high design


This candle night light is mainly black, with black at the bottom and top, and a skull shaped decoration at the bottom in black,Add a terrifying color


This candle lamp is mainly themed around Halloween, and the body of the lamp is painted with black trees hanging over pumpkin heads


This candle lamp mainly creates a Christmas snow scene, depicting Santa Claus running in the snow with a deer cart


This candle lamp has a special design, and the lamp body is no longer transparent, but composed of semi transparent ice blocks

A candle night light with glitter liquid is a decorative lighting device that combines the warm glow of a candle with a liquid filled with glitter particles. It is designed to create a soothing and visually appealing ambiance.

The night light typically consists of a glass container or jar with a wick or LED light at the center, simulating the flickering flame of a candle. The container is filled with a transparent or colored liquid that contains suspended glitter particles. When the light source is turned on, it illuminates the liquid and causes the glitter to sparkle and float around, creating a mesmerizing effect.

These candle night lights with glitter liquid can come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Some may have ornate holders or decorative elements, while others may be simple and minimalistic in design. The choice of glitter colors and sizes can also vary, allowing individuals to find a combination that suits their personal preferences.

These night lights are often used as decorative pieces in bedrooms, living rooms, or relaxation areas. They provide a gentle and ambient lighting option while adding a touch of enchantment with the shimmering glitter. Some people find the combination of soft light and swirling glitter to be calming and comforting, making it an ideal choice for creating a cozy atmosphere or as a night light for relaxation or sleep.

It's important to ensure proper safety precautions when using candle night lights, such as keeping them away from flammable materials and never leaving them unattended. If you prefer a flameless option, LED-based night lights with glitter liquid are also available, providing a similar visual effect without an actual candle flame.

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