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Precautions for choosing eye protection table lamp


Eye protection lamp is almost indispensable for students to do homework, parents must have seen the "A" "AA" "no blue light harm" and other introduction, before we buy our own table lamp only considered the appearance of the good, did not pay attention to watch the lamp has no certificate and other information. Now it is different, because the problem of myopia in children and adolescents has become a key concern, we must pay attention to the products we buy when we protect our children's eyesight.

Especially for children to buy eye lamp, we should pay attention to what matters!!

The key to buy eye protection lamp for children is to protect the eyes, not because of the price, style, discount and other factors to finally buy inappropriate products. Light height refers to the distance from the lamp tube to the desktop, the national standard is greater than 40CM, because the eye protection lamp is lower than 40CM, the height of the human eye is above the lamp, the eye sees a bright area, a dark area, such alternating lighting environment has a great impact on vision.

As we all know, high-frequency flashes can do even more harm. General eye protection desk lamp strobe at about 80Hz, more than 2KHz strobe will be greatly shortened due to the flicker cycle. It is best to choose a strobo-free source. Try to choose no blue light source of eye protection desk lamp, if the blue light intensity is too high, it will cause photochemical damage to the retina, serious and even lead to macular disease, cataract. In particular, children's lenses are much clearer than adults, and blue light is easier to reach the fundus, damaging the retina.

Because of "eye protection" the scene with demand is mainly reading, writing and other activities, businesses in order to promote, reading and writing homework desk lamp called "eye protection" desk lamp. We must pay attention when buying, don't be greedy and foolish.

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