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How many watts is appropriate for LED table lamp?


From the kerosene lamp in ancient times, to the crystal lamp in various forms, the development process of ordinary people feel that it is a matter of time, but for the country's scientific researchers. The progress of every invention is someone else's blood, so do not look down on any invention, the simplest is also the most complex, so LED table lamp how many watts is appropriate to discuss.

The table lamp THAT CHOOSES LED light source, it is TO send the CHILD most IDEALIZED lamps and lanterns. On THE CHOICE OF DESK LAMP POWER, HAD BETTER BE 6 WATTS OR 7 WATTS left AND RIGHT SIDES OK, THE LIGHT IS TOO bright, CAUSE PRESSURE TO THE CHILD'S EYE INSTEAD. Student desk lamp how many watts generally.

This may not be, in fact the lamp wattage and the choice of desk lamp is also have a certain correlation, all parents want their children to be able to have a good learning atmosphere, the desk lamp on the choice of the students are hesitant, but according to small make up, the student desk lamp general how many watts is best, choose 6 watts around student desk lamp is about the same.

Table lamp is also divided into many kinds, many kinds of student table lamp is also suitable for different age stages. If it is high school students, need a learning lamp, then the student lamp is generally how many watts the best. That's about 13 watts! It is about the same, too bright but affects the usual learning, causing a certain burden to the eyes, if the lamp wattage is too low, the light source will not be concentrated, the eyes are easy to tired.

So the student desk lamp is general how many watts, the consideration of this respect is also very important. It is better to go to the store to experience, as long as they look comfortable, on the line.