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LED Ceiling Lamp with Dimmer Fan
  • LED Ceiling Lamp with Dimmer FanLED Ceiling Lamp with Dimmer Fan

LED Ceiling Lamp with Dimmer Fan

All hanging lamps are classified as chandeliers. Pendant lights, whether hung with wires or iron supports, should not be hung too low, obstructing normal vision or making people feel glaring. Taking the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal height is to create a pool of light on the dining table without obstructing the gaze of everyone on the table. At present, LED ceiling lamp with dimmer fan of the chandelier has been installed with springs or height adjusters, which can be suitable for different heights of the floor and needs


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Product Description

LED ceiling lamp with dimmer fan

Description: Ceiling lamp


PRODUCT SIZE L: 41x10x4.2 cm  

DATA: 24 W + LED 3000K 2200lm  

Power: 30-40V

Function: ON/OFF

Color :Wood / Black

Packing: 1pc/color box ,1pcs/ctn

6 Wind Speed & Remote Control;Timing Function

LED ceiling lamp with dimmer fan

1. Energy saving: Most electric fans and chandeliers are made of high-quality silicon steel sheets as motors, which produce better electromagnetic effects. In addition, low and medium speeds are more energy-efficient when using capacitor speed regulation than when not using capacitor speed regulation. Multiple energy-saving and consumption reducing technologies make this type of chandelier have excellent energy-saving effects.

2. Suitable for both winter and summer: The electric fan pendant light is equipped with front and back switches. In summer, set it to forward, with the fan rotating forward, the wind feels gentle and cool; In air-conditioned rooms, auxiliary air conditioning units can be used to increase the flow of cold air, reduce electricity consumption, save energy and protect the environment, and prevent air conditioning syndrome. In winter, when set to reverse, the fan blades can reverse and press down the rising hot air indoors. People inside the room do not feel the wind, but it increases air circulation. In rooms with heaters, it can also increase the convection rate of warm air, making the indoor heat even and warm like spring.

3. Quiet and Safe: Due to the fact that most electric fan pendant lights are made of high-quality silicon steel sheets, the noise generated by the motor is much smaller and quieter than that of ordinary ceiling fans. In addition, they all use wooden blades, making them safer.

4. Remote control and wall control: equipped with remote control, wall control can also be installed. Some remote controls also have a sleep timer function, which is very suitable for use at night and easy to operate.

How to choose and purchase electric fan chandeliers

1. Functional practicality

Whether or not to bring lights and the number of lights depends on the need for lighting. Even if there is no lighting, adding lights is still more beautiful. In terms of speed regulation, it is usually manually controlled with a bead chain. If you feel inconvenient, you can install a remote control or wall control. Some remote controls also have a sleep timer function, which is very suitable for use at night.

2. Motor form

There are two types of motors: shield pole and capacitor. Capacitor motors are more common and have the characteristics of high starting torque and low power consumption, but the cost is slightly higher. But from a long-term perspective, it is better to choose a capacitive motor.

3. Control method

At present, there are several types of control, including five speed keys, five speed toggle speed regulation, stepless electronic speed regulation, remote control speed regulation, etc., which need to be selected according to each person's economic conditions and usage situation.

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