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LED Pendant Lamp with Square Light
  • LED Pendant Lamp with Square LightLED Pendant Lamp with Square Light

LED Pendant Lamp with Square Light

All hanging lamps are classified as chandeliers. Pendant lights, whether hung with wires or iron supports, should not be hung too low, obstructing normal vision or making people feel glaring. Taking the chandelier in the dining room as an example, the ideal height is to create a pool of light on the dining table without obstructing the gaze of everyone on the table. At present, LED pendant lamp with square light of the chandelier has been installed with springs or height adjusters, which can be suitable for different heights of the floor and needs


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Product Description

LED pendant lamp with square light

Simplicity is not simple, it is simple yet beautiful. The flat layer with white as the main color is full of exquisite expression in details

The designer's design is pure, which reduces the feeling of space congestion.

All spaces are separated by transparent glass doors, allowing light to extend through the space.

It not only divides functional areas, but also makes the space transparent, expanding the visual space from a unobstructed perspective.

The entire beige living room is a place for homeowners to read and relax. The warm texture of the coffee colored wooden grille perfectly interprets the curved elements of the space, elegant and wise.

The restaurant next to the living room adopts a minimalist design approach, and the wooden dining table is equipped with two white bird art chandeliers, making the dining atmosphere very formal.

The whole space is decorated with a large wooden grille. The light from the french window to the ceiling passes through the grille, presenting an artistic tension like a shadow play. The artistic conception is ethereal and flexible.

The master bedroom is fully functional, and the background wall of the master bedroom is spliced with white latex paint and dark wood, making the rest space particularly relaxed and comfortable.

Some lazy home office areas continue the style of bedrooms, with black office storage cabinets and desks paired with white sofas, creating a balanced monochromatic aesthetic.

The large kitchen window makes the space very open and clean, and the green plants outside the window come into view.

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