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Natural Pendant Lamp with Banboo Shade
  • Natural Pendant Lamp with Banboo ShadeNatural Pendant Lamp with Banboo Shade

Natural Pendant Lamp with Banboo Shade

All hanging lamps are classified as chandeliers. Pendant lights, whether hung with wires or iron supports, should not be hung too low, obstructing normal vision or making people feel glaring. Taking the chandelier in the dining room as an example, Polygon pendant lamp with natrual style on the dining table without obstructing the gaze of everyone on the table. At present, Natural pendant lamp with banboo shade the chandelier has been installed with springs or height adjusters, which can be suitable for different heights of the floor and needs


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Natural pendant lamp with banboo shade

Natural pendant lamp with banboo shade When it comes to hand woven bamboo baskets, I believe many friends will not feel unfamiliar. Nowadays, with the changes of the times, it has gradually faded out of everyone's sight, and can only be remembered. The craftsmanship of bamboo strips has also gradually faded away. The carpenter circle also occasionally releases tutorials on bamboo strips, hoping that woodworking enthusiasts can absorb the essence of bamboo strip craftsmanship.

After preparing the required bamboo strips, start weaving the bottom of the cage, with 5 horizontal strips and 11 vertical strips. First, stack two bamboo strips into a cross shape, and then select and press one in the warp and weft directions respectively. After weaving 5 horizontal bars and 11 vertical bars, the bottom of the bamboo basket is formed. While selecting and pressing one, pay attention to the distance between adjacent bamboo strips. The bottom of the woven bamboo basket is approximately 18 * 35cm

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